AES can deliver a range of water reducing and control solutions. The paybacks can be almost immediate depending on what is deployed.
  • Toilet, shower and faucet retrofits
  • AQUA AES – managed legionella control service.
  • Rain water harvesting

Aqua AES

Control Legionella and Reduce Carbon with AQUA AES

Aqua AES is a managed service for Legionella control in hot and cold water systems. It uses constantly dosed catalysed hydrogen peroxide that is dosed at 20 ppm. The chemical will remove biofilm from a water system that is the breeding ground for Legionella and other water borne bacteria. This approach is approved under L8 ACOP and has been recently passed by HSE under HSG 274 as a suitable means of controlling Legionella under constant dosing conditions.

Aqua AES is made up of two broad
elements that are:

  • Installation and system disinfection.
  • Ongoing management and monthly site visits to test pump, monitor dosing
    levels and chemical levels and take remedial action where required. We will
    also ensure the water log book has been maintained and site protocols
    adhered to.

At some point in time all water systems
will become contaminated with

Aqua AES Constant Dosing:

  • Significantly reduces the risk of Legionella, TVC’s etc.
  • L8 & HSE compliant – HSG274
  • Proven over many years in NHS, public sector buildings, hotels, care homes, office buildings, airports etc.
  • Fully managed service – no capex
  • Peace of mind
  • Energy / carbon savings up to 40% on HWS costs and maintenance
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