In closed wet heating systems the heat transfer efficiency can be significantly improved through the application of an additive called Endo Therm

What EndoTherm™ does:

  • EndoTherm™ is a truly exceptional, cost effective and innovative product.
  • EndoTherm™ increases the heat transfer co-efficient, which accelerates the heat transfer to the bulk fluid and increases the overall efficiency of the heating system – boiler, pipes and radiators
  • Easy to install and supplied in ready to use solution
  • Over the past 5 years EndoTherm™ has been rigorously tested & proven – many case studies showing significant savings and sub rapid paybacks
  • Non corrosive and long term longevity mean savings over many years.

What EndoTherm™ does:

  • It reduces the surface tension of water.
  • It changes the nucleate boiling characteristics.
  • This means that it changes the rate of heat flow from the boiler tubes into the bulk water

This Results In

  • The bulk water achieves a higher temperature than untreated, ordinary water
  • The boiler tube cools down faster which means that the flue gases on the fire tube are cooler.
  • The difference between the boiler tube temperature and the bulk water temperature is reduced
  • Gas and carbon savings between 10% and 15%
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