We have the capability to finance any of the energy saving solutions that we propose. We have partnered with a number of finance companies to develop and drive a number of financing options that give customers funding options when looking to deploy energy and carbon reducing solutions. We can deliver cash flow positive solutions that needed no cash up front and are essentially paid for from the savings.

We can deliver the following:

  • Lease, monthly payments lower than savings taken out of Capex budget
  • Rental, monthly payments lower than savings taken out of Opex budget

The benefits of using an AES funded solution include:

  • No Capex requirement therefore alleviating any potential strain on your organisations finances.
  • Solutions can be delivered cash flow positive day one thereby adding cash to your bottom line and become self financing.
  • Enables you to deploy energy saving technologies within your business thereby enabling to enjoy the other benefits that include the energy, carbon and maintenance cost savings.
  • You can claim Enhanced Capital Allowances Year 1 if your organization is UK tax paying which will help accelerate paybacks.
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